Owner/Lead Photographer:

Favorite Food:  Vegetarian Lasagna

Favorite Place to Visit: New York

Favorite Past Times: Working Out + Gardening

Favorite Movie: Sleepless In Seattle

Rosina is a lifelong artist and owner of a professional photography studio in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

As a professional wedding photographer for over 20 years,

she has gained a solid reputation in the South Florida wedding industry for both

professionalism and outstanding imagery.

Her passion  for her weddings is obvious and she feels privileged to work with her

clients that range from South Florida to New York. 


Rosina has a relaxed and comfortable manner that puts her clients at ease, allowing her to consistently create portraits that are elegant and timeless.  With her formal training in portrait photography,

Rosina naturally progressed into wedding photography. 

She instantly fell in love with the charming environment that a bride and groom create with their family and friends.  The unique blend  of personalities present help her to tell the story with heart and passion.  She strives to meet the needs of her clients from the first consultation until the final end product. 

Her studio staff has a combined 30 years of experience and Rosina personally oversees every aspect of her business. 

"I am an  artist that never stops dreaming & exploring new possibilities of what I can create" 
~ Rosina DiBello 
 Associate Photographer / Graphic Designer:

Favorite Food:  Hungarian Goulash

Favorite Place to Visit: Asia

Favorite Past Time: Outdoor Activities - Fishing

Favorite Movie: The Gladiator

Zsolt is a creative professional photographer that strives  to generate images
that are outstanding at every level.    
"I love to capture something that is 'only for a moment' so when  you look back at it you can re-live 'This is how it happened... This is how it was...'  I want my images to tell a visual story".  
He enhances his images with graphic design to create "art images" that are unique.