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Owner/Master Photographer:

Favorite Food:  Anything Vegan

Favorite Place to Visit: Washington D.C.

Favorite Past Times: Working Out + Gardening

Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice

Fun Fact: I'm Italian with a splash of Greek

Rosina DiBello is an award-winning documentary-style wedding photographer known for her photojournalistic and editorial style. 


Rosina's love for weddings is obvious. She is a passionate photographer that thrives on a good love story. With more than 23 years of experience, Rosina’s creativity, versatility, and ability to capture the essence of a moment have made her one of the most well respected and sought-after photographers in the country. 


She is a distinguished member of the international platform of elite Master Photographers and strives to continually push the limits and refine her craft. Rosina has earned a solid reputation in South Florida and The Upstate SC wedding industry for both her professionalism and creativity.


With her artistic talent and technical skill, Rosina expertly creates dramatic, natural and lifestyle images to suit the needs of her client. 


From first contact to image delivery, Rosina and her team of talented photographers deliver a unique and personalized experience that aims to provide the highest level of quality and customer service to all her clients.

"I am an  artist
that never stops dreaming
& exploring
new possibilities of
what I can create" 

~ Rosina DiBello 

Elsa: Assitant / Coordinator of Events

Favorite Food: Italian 

Favorite Place to Visit: New England in the fall

Favorite Past Time: Playing with Grandkids

Favorite Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Elsa was born and raised in N.Y.C.  She recently retired as an executive assistant.  Elsa's talent extends as a portrait and event photographer, and coordinator of special events. In her shooting experience she has found that capturing the essence of the subject is truly an art.  Elsa fell in love with the wedding industry when planning her own wedding and helping others through the years, which naturally led her to assist couples in a full time capacity. In her free time she enjoys cooking, baking, photography, hiking, painting, candle-making, and sewing.  


 Dianel: Associate Photographer 

Favorite Food:  Japanese Cuisine

Favorite Place to Visit: Bonito Springs & Brazil Caverns

Favorite Past Time:  Fishing + Tennis

Favorite Movie: Two Smoking Barrels

Marcelo feels that each image capture is an opportunity for him to freeze
a unique moment. 
In his own words: "For it is impossible to control the character of our emotions because they come from our hearts; and it's the story of your heart that I want to convey

through the images."

His passion is to experience people and their emotions through these events and his priority is to do his best to make them feel comfortable and at ease so they can fell free to express their true essence.


 Associate Photographer:  Ledd

Favorite Food:  Crispy Sesame Balls

Favorite Place to Visit: Hong Kong

Favorite Past Time:  Beach

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings

Ledd is a creative professional photographer that strives  to generate outstanding images.  


"While walking around old town Macau, China, a family came to me and asked me to take their photos. While looking through my camera I saw the love and family connection & realized these two intangible qualities are best captured in a photograph".


 Associate Photographer/ Cinematic Videographer:  Jared

Favorite Food:  Wedding Cake

Favorite Place to Visit: NYC

Favorite Past Time:  Traveling with my girl

Favorite Movie: Edward Scissorhands

A multi-talented Photographer, Videographer, and editor…

His style of shooting is most recognized as “documentary/photojournalism”.  He has been shooting for 15 years and travels throughout the United States on assignments.

Jared has an incredible 5th sense always anticipating what’s happening next.  This is enhanced with his exceptional technical experience. He takes on challenges with a smile and considers every couple important.

"I get a front row seat to the best day of a couple's lives and I want to share with them everything that I see".


 Associate Videographer: Alekandra

Favorite Food:  French Toast

Favorite Place to Visit: New Places

Favorite Past Time:  New Experiences

Favorite Movie: Love them all

Alekandra is a creative multi tasker taking on photography or cinematic videography.  Her ability to apply what she has learned over the years keeps her in a "learning / creating" momentum. 

Family is very important to her which is why she is passionate about creating and capturing important moments for others.

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