"The Rosina Experience"
I Coined that term years ago...

when I was shooting an engagement session... climbing through a waterfall to get the perfect shot...


The bride and groom were in awe at what lengths I would go to for a different angle... and that 's how it was born...

I have climbed mountains in Virginia with my equipment and a wedding dress in tow... I have scaled the railing at "Top of the Rock" in Manhattan, knee deep in the ocean, & dodging  taxi's in NYC!!!

I LOVE what I do and I will do what it takes....


The Introduction

Upon my initial meeting with my clients... I try to emphasize my company culture which is based on trust, loyalty, & passion for my craft.

We discuss their vibe so I can make suggestions for my approach to their wedding day.  I explain how my online portal works for simple easy access to their contract and basic information.  

My goal is to answer all your questions and see if we are a good fit for each other!

The Next Step

Once we move forward with securing your date (aka "signing the contract"), then it's time to start planning the engagement session!  We can talk about locations, outfits, and overall feel of the session. 

Engagement sessions are a great way for me to bond with my clients, find out what makes them tick, teach them some posing that works best for them, and spark the excitement for the wedding day.

farmers table rosina dibello photo-5.jpg

Planning the Wedding Day Photography Schedule

An online questionnaire is provided to you and with a few easy clicks, and some typing... you can provide me with the proper information that I need to create you unique wedding day photography schedule and a list of family formals. This not only helps you know what to expect but it helps my team know what needs to be executed.

My #1 goal is for my couples to have a stress free wedding day experience.

Wedding Day & Beyond...

A team will be compiled by me personally to make sure the right people are in place for your wedding day coverage.  My creative team is just as passionate about weddings as I am... 

Within 24 hours of your wedding day I will have a sneak peak on FB and IG! 

After you receive your wedding day images (usually within 2-3 weeks) we can move forward with the album design.

I love staying in touch with my couples after the wedding day is over.