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What to wear Guide

Hello! My name is Rosina DiBello and I love guiding my clients with all their wedding day photography decisions. This includes planning your outfits for your engagement session. It’s best to do this in advance! Allow enough time for shipping delays so you’re not stressed.  Try picking a color palette that speaks to you and then move forward with a dressy or casual look.  You can do two looks for your session which gives you more variety for your final images.  Try not to be too matchy  and stay away from contrasting patterns, but wear colors that complement each other. If you decide to do more of neutral palette off white or a cream color photographs better than white. Flowy dresses add movement, and you can add a layer of fun to the images! Take time to schedule professional hair/makeup for your session… some brides choose to have their wedding day trail done the same day as their session.

Step 1
Pick your location

If you are going to be at the beach, a natural field/park, or a manicured garden, then that would determine what outfit selection you would choose. Some couples want to match the theme of their wedding and choose a location based on the same vibe as their wedding day venue.  Keep in mind the location you choose and then move forward with your color palette. Once you decide on a color palette it’s time to go shopping! You can always reach out to us for suggestions! Another tip is to remember that these images will be displayed in your home… so you might want to choose a location or outfit based on your décor style. Pick a location that speaks to you… a place you will feel confident!  Click here to see some locations on my website.

Step 2
Pick your color palette

If you are not sure what color palette to choose, I have created some fun color palettes to spark your creativity.  Don’t be afraid of bold colors. You can pair vibrant colors into a neutral palette for a pop of color.  Accessories such as necklaces, bow ties, linen vest, hats, feet jewelry can add color and interest to your outfit. You can accomplish a cohesive look without wearing the same exact thing. Select a color scheme that compliments each other by choosing two main colors and then add softer tones to accent. Take your free “What to wear” guide with you!

  • Beach – flowy dresses, muted tropical colors, linen material, cotton, great for a boho look, jeans, and YES you can dress formal

  • Garden – The organic colors that match your surroundings are always great in a garden setting. Add a pop of color through use of accessorizing or layering your outfit. You can go with a monochrome muted palette or an earth tone palette keeping true the environment in which you will be.

  • Historic properties – upscale this with a more formal look. You can get an evening gown that has movement with feathers, a flowy material, lace sleeves that drop off your shoulder or even a long train. Did you know you can get shoulder jewelry, hair jewelry… different accessories that you would only wear for a special occasion like this.

  • Pets – Always welcome! Bring along a handler in case we need some alone time.

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