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2021 Wedding Trends That Are Going To Spill Over From 2020...

The wedding industry has been permanently altered by the Covid after effects. Covid restrictions have made a huge impact in how brides view weddings and how they will move forward in 2021. Some have settled for a micro backyard wedding while trying to keep it romantic and elegant. Brides are on the search for a location that has that garden feel, barns, bars, anything but a ballroom! This has brides looking at sustainable ways to be "earth friendly". This bride strung twinkle lights and tiki lamps and had a sustainable organic wild flower bouquet provided by Why Not Wild Flowers of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Let's talk flowers! Again Sustainability... no pesticides... locally sourced home grown flowers ... designed by @whynotwildflowers · Florist

Hair pieces and bold jewelry are becoming a statement. My brides are finding unique places to find pieces that no one else has. This is a Queen Emerald necklace & earring set (inspired from the royal family jewels) that she found on Ebay. She topped off her look with a crown from Etsy (SenseOfBeauty).

This hair piece is from the @GlauciaCollection · Bridal Shop from Brazil - so very unique!

Uniqueness.... is the new look! Most professionals in the wedding industry have taken the Covid down time to find new unique ways to showcase their work. Find vendors that are offering something different! This bride has found her niche with her recycle-able bouquet! A succulent bouquet can be pulled apart and planted in a garden! a bouquet that lasts forever! That's pretty insane! Floral Designeer: @hayalflowersmiami

Have fun! Keep your wedding unique and have fun! It's okay to do something different! There are no set rules for a wedding day flow... so be sure to make yours as unique as you are!

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