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3 Reasons Why a First Look is a must!

It's a private moment that is special between the bride and groom! I have never had a couple regret the first look! Some may feel it takes away from the first time the groom sees the bride walk down the aisle. After interviewing may couples they have all agreed that the first look is very special. The bride and groom get to OWN that moment just for themselves.

It makes the wedding day less stressful. I like to plan the first look at least 3 hours prior to the couple walking down the aisle. This gives us plenty of relaxed time for a stress free photo shoot. We can also capture the bridal party and family formals prior to the ceremony which eases the timeline after the ceremony so the newlyweds can enjoy cocktails with friends and family.

This brings me to the next obvious reason which is to have more time with family and friends. Cocktail hour is directly after the ceremony and the couple can really enjoy time greeting their guests and chatting prior to the reception activities.

You will not regret the first look! Let your wedding day flow with ease and have a stress free day by setting aside your private moment together!

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