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Challenges of Micro Weddings & how to overcome them!

Covid Concerns: Couples are dealing with the "unknown" of how to make their grandparents (at risk) feel like they are a part of the wedding celebration, if they are not physically present.  My solution, is hire a professional to live stream, both for public or private broadcast, depending on how private you want to be.

Will my guests feel safe? Open air venues are a more favorable option. Even twith the summer months upon us, brides will consider this option. Especially if they are limiting the time of their wedding to 2 hours or 3 hours. Don’t be afraid to have your wedding day flow the way you want it done because the main highlight of your day should be your vow exchange!

Customize it! Mini celebrations with champagne and cake are becoming a favorite  and more viable option.

Stay Relaxed & Enjoy!!! Keeping a relaxed and stress free wedding day experience for the guests and the couple and their family members will make it enjoyable for all involved!

The wedding day experience is changing and this is an exciting time that Brides and grooms

to use this to their advantage and make their wedding day the way they want it so that it really is characteristic of the couple and what they enjoy!

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