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Engagement Session Preparation Tips

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Tips for preparing for your session - from Rosina

What is your comfort level with PDA?

Why do I ask? Because this is what I want to capture for your engagement session. Your connection/vibe that makes YOU a couple. So i'll guide you through the posing... the more conscious you are about relaxing and creating a romantic and relaxed moment - the more comfortable and natural that you are together the more the images will reflect that.

Suggestion 1: If it bends - bend it

So remember to keep arms and legs bent because if they are straight it looks stiff and unflattering. I will guide you through the session and i'll keep reminding you as we continue through the session.

Suggestion 2: Embrace Silly

Practice soft smiles and fake laughs in front of the mirror and each other... be prepared to be silly and embrace the moment.

Suggestion 3: Keep your chin down

When people see the camera go up - they tend to lean away from it ... so keep that in mind and I will remind you along the way.

Suggestion 4: Keep your head in the game

Lot's of people feel uncomfortable having their photo taken... just keep your head in the game and remember that this is a special moment... think of all the great times you've had together through your courtship.

Suggestion 5: Keep moving and Keep talking

When I put you into a pose and tell you to "whisper in her ear" or "kiss her softly on the side of her face" or "talk to each other"... remember that it's not just one kiss and run out of the camera frame - this is meant to bring you from one movement to another. I will guide you through this. Just remember if you keep smiling at each other and complimenting each other -that is where the best natural smiles stem from.

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