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Engagement Session Tips For Success!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Dear Bride,

With over 20+ years of experience and a love for her clients, Boutique Wedding Photographer, Rosina DiBello, has gained a vast amount of knowledge of how a wedding day can be successful! Because there are many factors that play into a successful wedding, Rosina has gathered several topics, tips and suggestions for brides everywhere, from her perspective as a woman and a professional photographer. Let's focus now on engagement session tips!

Clothing Suggestions:

- Coordinate colors. A great example is if you wear a coral/turquoise floral dress have your fiancés tie or shirt match with one of the main colors of your dress. You do want to coordinates great together without one of you overdressing the other, in other words you should match. Keep the colors in the same theme as well so if your going with muted colors and a "pop" of red, then you should both incorporate that highlight color.

It is important to follow this tip:

- Wear solids colors and don't get too crazy on the patterns, unless we are doing a Stylized Session and we have a specific theme. Rule of thumb: Only one person wears the pattern, the others can bounce off it by wearing the same main color and theme.

Consider your engagement session location

Think about the environment of the session. If you go to my website and click on the "Photo Shoots" tab you will see a variety of popular locations that I shoot at frequently. Dress for the "feel" of the session. This will be reflected in the final images.

Don't be afraid to get clothing that you wouldn't normally wear!

- I always make suggestions to go a little above the level of what you would be comfortable in. What I mean by that is if he is rocking blue jeans and a white shirt, dress it up with suspenders and a bowtie that match the color of your dress. If she is going to wear a more formal dress then why not go with something with a really high sexy split, a dress with a train, or long flowing layers that will blow in the wind. - I am always available for you, so if your shopping and you snap shots of outfits you are tying on, then I can help make suggestions.

- Browse the internet for "engagement session on the beach" and search the images for ideas to start getting your creative juices flowing.

Makeup and Hair Getting your makeup and hair done professionally for your engagement session is a must! This will bring your session to the next level and make you both look fabulous. We both have to do our part to bring this session from "photo's" to "images". Professional makeup artist know how to apply so you look great when the light hits your face. It is also important to get the right skin tone match so that you do not look like you are wearing a mask. Do not be discouraged when you see that they do apply it more than you are used to, you will look great! It's a great opportunity to trial your wedding makeup artist. It is usually done at a discounted price.

For more information please feel free to contact Rosina directly at (954) 254-8033


Rosina "My Favorite Bride Is A Relaxed Bride"

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