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How important is a photographer's “style” to a bride and groom?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Recently another photographer inquired what my style of photography is... my immediate response was "I don't pigeon-hole myself to one style" it really is determined by what the vibe of my couple is...

As a professional photographer you need to be able to change “gears” quickly and seamlessly without causing stress on your couple because if your photographer is fumbling with their camera settings, or trying to figure out their lighting , this will reflect in their final images.

I have curated a variety of shooting styles: light and airy, dark and moody, classic / traditional, documentary or editorial style, & my famous landscape portraits. Offering a variety of styles throughout the wedding day is key!

I’ve always said that wedding photography is the highest level of photography skill set that you can reach because you have to be able to transition quickly with different lighting scenerios, camera settings, and posing/communicating with the client… all within a split second.

My editing process really is based on what I shot and what “mood” it calls for. I also take into consideration what the bride and groom like - or what their vibe feels like to me. This is also an important element in the final product that I produce for my clients.

Consider this: I’ve seen some couples hire a photographer based on a single image that they showcased on their instagram post or website…

Don’t get caught up in the moment and lose your focus. Make sure you have checked out the overall work of the photographer. Do all their wedding images look exactly the same? Are they able to show you their evening lighting? Ballroom lighting? Do they use off camera lighting? What if it rains on your wedding day and they need to transition to dim indoor lighting? When looking at a photographer’s work observe their entire layout. Do they change their lighting technique in a different setting? How is the posing?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.

Previously, I stated that I do not pigeonhole myself to one style…….

When dealing with my clients I try to sync my style to the vibe or style of the wedding. Each wedding is unique in its own way and it is important the bride and groom feel their wedding translates the same way with their pictures. A well acclimated and trained photographer is able to achieve this. It comes with time and experience. I have been educated on different levels to elevate this in my work.

When talking about a photographer's style it is not just focused on the photographer, it is also focused on matching the bride and groom's vibe, because at the end of the day the photographer is being commissioned to capture. Can the photographer capture this vibe and style and adapt to that?

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