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How to Schedule Your Wedding Ceremony One Hour Prior To Sunset

Updated: Jul 1

With over 20+ years of experience and a love for her clients, Boutique Wedding Photographer, Rosina DiBello, has gained a vast amount of knowledge of how a wedding day should go!

Because there are many factors that play into a successful wedding, Rosina has gathered several topics, tips and suggestions for brides everywhere, from her perspective as a Woman and a Pro Photographer.

How To Successfully Schedule Your Wedding Around Sunset

When I meet with brides they express how romantic it would to get married as the sun is setting. With my many years of experience I am able to make recommendations to these couples regarding sunset scheduling.

Important Things to consider:

How long is the ceremony?

How large is the family? (this will determine how long family formals will take).

Are you willing to get married 1 hour prior to sunset?

If your professional photographer is familiar with off camera lighting, then getting married at sunset and having the family formals after should not be a problem.

The lighting is still very beautiful 1 hour prior to sunset. This is a typical scenerio:

(Sunset 6 pm) In this scenerio everything is on the same property.

(no driving time included in this scenerio)

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm - getting ready, brides portrait with her bridal party,

groom's portrait with the groomsmen

4:30 pm - 5pm ceremony

5 pm - 6 pm family formals, bridal party,

bride and groom photo's (during cocktail hour)

6-10 pm - reception coverage.

This will enable you to get great lighting for every aspect of your wedding day...

For more tips visit my website

Feel free to email in or contact Rosina directly and we will address each question or concern to help you achieve your dream Wedding Day!

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