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Piano Hands {My Favorite Bride Is A Relaxed Bride ~ Rosina}

Dear Bride,

There are moments that I walk up to my bride, take her hands in mine, loosen them up and tell her to breathe. Relaxing in front of the camera might be harder for some than others. Most brides are not New York models and have to be directed to relax. I can determine from the bride’s hands how relaxed she is. Is she is holding her bouquet like it’s a hammer or is she grasping it delicately?

So how do you shake out the tension? I believe it all starts in the hands, because once we consciously relax our hands the rest of our body follows. I use the term “piano hands” with my brides while I’m talking them through the posing. When you’re grasping your dress, bouquet, or veil, it is always best to elongate your fingers and gently grasp whatever you are holding. Be sure to keep your fingers together, as it is more elegant and doesn’t take away from the main aspect of the image, your face.

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