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Posing On Your Wedding Day - What Every Bride Should Know

Dear Bride,

Almost every bride wants to know how I am able to determine the best pose for them, to make sure they will look their best.

I always say, "My favorite bride is a relaxed bride!". If you had an engagement session with your wedding photographer you should have gained some respect for them and some trust in their abilities, their equipment, and their posing techniques.

An experienced photographer knows that not every bride can look good in the same pose. Body type and personality both contribute to the determining factor of this decision. So relax and enjoy the engagement session, it is to your benefit to take mental notes of how the photographer poses you and the suggestions that they give to you during this session. I like to start off every session with a posed shot - which helps me see the energy of the couple and also helps me see how comfortable they are in front of my lens. As the session progresses they are asked to go more "natural" with their posing, so they walk, talk, laugh, hug, kiss and have fun... this is my favorite part of the session. I will instruct and give tips for the couple so they are armed with different ideas of what to do as I stand back and shoot.

Work out a wedding day schedule with your event planner and your photographer so that you know you have enough time to get all the shots you want without rushing. I meet with my couples 1 month prior to their wedding to make sure the schedule works. I study it the day before the wedding so that I have all the family photo's in mind and I know my time limit.

So often, I have heard people compliment me on the organized way that I shoot the family formals. It is imperative that I do my job properly so the bride and groom can enjoy their day, and I get the shots that they want.

Love, Rosina

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