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Sweet Heart Table {Say "I Do"}

Dear Bride,

I recently shot a wedding where the bride and groom decided to forfeit the sweetheart table and I had an “ughhhh” moment. They were seated at the parents table with nothing differentiating them from the guests.

From a photographer’s perspective it is always great to have those little details on the sweetheart table that sets the bride and groom apart from the guests. Usually the table is decorated with bride and groom engraved glasses, a “mr and mrs” sign, and the bouquet, etc. I always love the bride and groom kissing at the table shot.

Do not let anyone convince you that it’s “not in style”. No it’s not outdated and over rated.

In my experience I’ve noticed that it allows the bride and groom to have some "private moments" during their wedding day experience. Some guests will approach the table but for the most part it is respected as the bride and groom’s private space.

If It’s not an option, then I recommend a head table (rectangle) rather than a round table. This will allow the Bride and Groom to stand out in the center of the table. Chairs only on one side of the table of course allowing photo’s to be taken of the bride and groom unobstructed by other people. You can even add a larger chair for the bride and groom to add a nice “pop” for you and your new hubby!

Have fun with it!

Love, Rosina

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