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Three great engagement session locations in South Florida (hidden gems)...

Hello! My name is Rosina DiBello and I am an award winning photographer with an insane passion for covering weddings! I also LOVE to educate my couples!

Where should I have my engagement session? And how do I pick a location?

I love guiding my clients with all their wedding day photography decisions.

This includes planning your engagement session.

It’s best to start choosing a property before solidifying a date.


Some properties have limited days available, and / or property fees to take into consideration. Once you get all the details then you and your photographer can choose a date.

Remember that most successful wedding photographers are busy shooting weddings on the weekends so see if your schedule allows a week night.

Be prepared so you’re not stressed. Don't do your planning last minute. Check the local calendar for the city, park, or beach where you will be to make sure there will be no events that day, which can bring in big crowds.

Try picking a property that works with your vibe. There are many locations here in South Florida that offer a wide variety of options. Don't be afraid to be different.

Take time to schedule professional hair/makeup for your session. Some brides choose to have their wedding day trail done the same day as their engagement session so they can see how it holds up.

Ft Lauderdale (downtown)

If you are going to want something different and are okay with public displays of affection, then dare to be different! There are so many fun spots in downtown Ft Lauderdale that are different and offer a fun vibe! You can walk up and down the Riverside and Las Olas and just pick inspiring spots... maybe even hit a few bars along the way.

Deerfield Beach

This little hidden gem is nestled between Ft Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches. It offers a pier, rock piles, sea grass, walkways, and boasts beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It's romantic and allows you to either dress up or dress more casual (or you can change outfits and have two looks). Don't be afraid to get in the ocean and really get some sexy shots.

Wolf Lake Park in Davie

If you want a property that looks woodsy and not tropical this is your spot. This park is in Davie and offers a feeling of being in the woods rather than your typical beach or lush manicured garden.

Having an experienced wedding photographer is really important to capture your engagement day as well as your wedding day!

The key to a successful engagement session is based on two very important elements:

  1. YOU - your commitment to choosing the right location, clothing selection, and your hair and makeup style.

  2. ME - Off camera light is my choice of lighting in addition to natural light. It enhances your look with a pop of soft light. You have my promise that I will guide you in your posing and even your expressions. I want you both to feel beautiful and confident!

Call or Text 954.254.8033 or email me

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