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Your Wedding Day 1st Look - Say {I-Do!}

With over 20+ years of experience and a love for her clients, Boutique Wedding Photographer, Rosina DiBello, has gained a vast amount of knowledge of how a wedding day is successful. Because there are so many factors that play into a successful wedding, Rosina has gathered several topics, tips, and suggestions for brides. Not only is she speaking from the perspective as a professional photographer, but as a woman. Feel Free to email or contact Rosina directly and she will address each question and concern to help you achieve your dream wedding day.

Dear Bride,

In the early days of my career I shot a lot of Jewish weddings and observed the Jewish tradition of couples seeing each other prior to the ceremony for the Ketubah signing. This eventually made it’s way into other cultures and is popularly known today as “First Meeting” or First Look”, or even “The First Reveal”.

If executed properly. It can be just as special as the groom seeing the bride for the first time down the aisle.

I have interviewed grooms after the wedding day and asked them if the Aisle reveal was still special even though they did a first look and 99% have given a unanimous YES.

Benefit # 1

The couple can enjoy one-on-one time before the ceremony, and shooting all the formal photos early can eliminate a lot of the “rush of the wedding day”.

Benefit #2

It adds to the "Wedding Day Story" with additional Images for you album. This usually is a great addition to any wedding album, after all we are capturing that moment and expression of seeing each other for the first moment! Some have even had a first look with their bridal party... consider it!

Love, Rosina

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